Young people are the future of The Salvation Army. That's why we offer programs that will help them grow physically and spiritually—to prepare them to become leaders in their homes, churches, and community.

Contact your local corps community center for details on the programs they offer.

Sunday School

The objective of Sunday School is the salvation and nurturing of souls to the honor and glory of God as well as building interpersonal relationships. This objective is both evangelistic and educational. Many corps (churches) offer classes for infants through adults.

Junior Soldiers

This weekly discipleship program is for children ages 7 through 14. Children who become junior soldiers are members of the corps (church). Classes teach children about the Bible, the life and example of Jesus Christ, the history and doctrine of The Salvation Army, and how to live a Christian life.

CROSSTraining for Corps Cadets

This five-year discipleship and leadership development program is open to young people in 7th grade (or 13 years old) through 12th grade. Corps Cadets participate in Bible study, activities to develop their spiritual lives, ministry leadership training, and hands-on service projects. the goal of CROSSTraining is to prepare spiritually mature, committed leaders in the corps (church). 

Bible Bowl

The Bible Bowl program was instituted to enhance the Corps Cadet program and to get young people into God's Word. Intensive Bible study and Bible memorization help our youth grow as Christians. As they apply the truths they have learned to their every day lives, it is anticipated that their understanding of God's values and principles will deepen.

Any active Salvationist or young person who has turned 12 by June 1st or who has not yet turned 19 by June 1st of the year of the Territorial Bible Bowl Competition may be on a team. They must attend the Corps regularly and claim Jesus as Savior to be eligible to participate.

Service Corps

Young Salvationists are provided an opportunity to participate in a short-term summer mission, giving sacrificial Christian service in and out of the Western Territory. As a member of a Service Corps team, young adults are challenged in their stewardship and service to God, while learning to adapt to new cultures and living environments.

Living outside of the comfort zone of home, team members are stretched to their understanding of themselves and their knowledge of God's Word, as they learn to rely more fully on Him. They learn to communicate the Gospel message across language and cultural differences while providing practical service in a local community.

The Service Corps program is an incredible ministry tool that gives young adults a chance to embark on a journey that will impact their lives, and the lives of those around them, in ways they could never imagine! 

Western Youth Institute (WYI)

WYI is a week of discovery and challenge for committed young Salvationists wanting to deepen their relationship with the Lord, while at the same time, exploring innovative and creative ways to share their faith. It's not for the "faint of heart." It's for those with an open heart; open to the leading and urging of the Holy Spirit

WYI is about discipleship, evangelism, leadership training, and lots of fun and fellowship! It is a time for young adults to gather together, to grow together, and to praise and worship God together. 

Community Youth Programs

Jesus told us to "Go out and train everyone you meet...Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:19-20, The Message) In obedience to this Great Commission, we reach out the the young people in the community with various programs. Scouting, summer camp, and after-school tutoring are just a few of the ways we get community children involved.