Traditional Sunday morning worship - the Holiness meeting - combines music, Scripture, prayer, and preaching to honor God and serve as a time of reverence and reflection on the holiness of God. Many corps offer a second service on Sunday evenings that focuses on the salvation found in Jesus Christ. The Salvation meeting combines music, Scripture, prayer, and preaching with a time of sharing about what the Lord has done in the lives of His children.

Vision Statement

Our worship will be Bible-based, vibrant, meaningful, and culturally relevant.

All believers will be equipped for their responsibility to present Christ to those in their area of influence in obedience to His command.

All believers will be Christ-like in all they think, speak, and do, using their God-given gifts, talents, and possessions as is their "reasonable service." (Romans 12:1,2)

All Believers will be Christ-like in:

  • Glorify God
  • Tell the Good News
  • Teach Holy Living
  • Build up the family of God
  • Their love for one another
  • Emphasizing personal ministry within the fellowship
  • Demonstrating that love by identifying and responding to the needs of the community