The T.E.A.M. Discipleship lay leadership development program is designed to build up the Kingdom of God by encouraging growth in God's people. The end goal is to make disciples of Christ. Each letter of T.E.A.M. represents one of the main objectives of the curriculum:

TEACH—T.E.A.M. seminars give Bible-based instructions on finding and doing God's will. Specific seminars also teach about specific issues and how they relate to God's mandate on the disciple's life.

EQUIP—T.E.A.M. offers both general and specific courses to help equip God's people with the necessary skills for basic and specific discipleship and service.

AFFIRM—T.E.A.M. seminars uplift, encourage, and affirm those who seek after Christ through God's Word, assurance of God's spirit, fellowship, and vision.

MULTIPLY—T.E.A.M. seminars challenge the participant to show their Christian fruits by leading others to a saving and growing knowledge of God.

There are five categories of seminars: Foundations, Discipleship, "Body" Building, Leadership Training, and Youth Leadership. Specific seminars offered are:

Foundations Seminars

  • Foundations of Faith—Overvies of the Salvationist Christian's faith structure
  • Our Heritage—Dissects Salvation Army history and ministry diversification
  • Salvation Army Social Services—Reasoning, history, nature, and bridge building of social services
  • Introduction to the New Testament—Overview of audience, author, context, culture, events, etc.

Discipleship Seminars

  • The Basics of Discipleship—Meaning and application of discipleship in our lives
  • Discipleship as a Lifestyle—Discipline of stewardship: time, talent, and treasures
  • Discipleship by Mentoring—Discusses the necessity to mentor and be mentored
  • Discipleship through Small Groups—Insightful practical tools for effective and fruitful small groups
  • Preparing for Spiritual Summit—Resources for planning a spiritual retreat
  • Personal Finance—The 10 Commandments of financial stewardship
  • Holistic Ministry—Biblical concept of "holistic" and how The Salvation Army has modeled it

"Body" Building Seminars

  • Leadership through Spiritual Gifts—Understand the source, function, and role of spiritual gifts
  • Understanding People—Personality profiling for fruitful interaction with others
  • Lifestyle Evangelism—Tools to facilitate the Great Commission
  • Experiencing the Spiritual Disciplines—Application of inner, outer, and corporate disciplines
  • Bringing Scripture Alive—Through theatre, drama, dance, movement, poetry, and media
  • Renewing Your Spiritual Passion—Reinvigorate your salvation war as you connect with God
  • Discover Your Destiny in God's Kingdom—Spiritual gifts and personality - fulfilling your ministry potential
  • A Woman and Her God—The intimate relationship between a woman and God

Leadership Training Seminars

  • Local Officers' Training Seminar—Role, nature, qualifications, and duties of local officers
  • Servant Leadership—Teaches about authentic service in leadership
  • Mercy Seat Ministries—Equips for counseling at the altar
  • The Art of Preaching for the Lay Person—Preparation, research, and execution of preaching
  • Music Leadership Ministry—Discusses the pastoral role of music leaders
  • Mobilizing for Missions—Training for world missions and support
  • How to Lead "Discipleship Training"—Charles Lake's training modified for Salvation Army use
  • Developing Corps Music Ministries—Theory to practice in youth music leadership
  • Faith in Film—Spiritual issues examined through screen critiquing

Youth Leadership Seminars

  • Teaching for Faith—Training in basic teaching skills: preparation and delivery
  • Teaching for Life—Classroom management for effective and fun learning
  • Youth Ministries Program Training—Introductory courses in many areas of Salvatin Army ministries

If you are interested in scheduling a seminar or using T.E.A.M. Discipleship material, contact our T.E.A.M. Discipleship Coordinator, Isobel Pearce, at (602) 267-4291 or e-mail Isobel.Pearce@usw.salvationarm