STEPS (Supported Transition Encouraging People's Success), provides supportive services for people with mental illness living in an independent setting. Mental Health Technicians assist with medications. Life Skills Instructors assist with activities of daily living such as housekeeping, laundry and shopping. They also facilitate groups and individual guidance such as money management and budgeting. The daily recreational and social activities are held in the Lied Apartment Community Day Room. The goal is to assist them in establishing residential stability, increase skill and/or income level, and achieve greater self-determination.

To be eligible, the client must have service coordination through the State of Nevada or Mojave Mental Health. Each individual resides in their own apartment. Services and rent are paid per individual service agreements with the State of Nevada or Mojave Mental Health.

For information regarding intake, call STEPS Supervisor, at (702) 399-4403 ext. 415.