Divisional Leaders


Lt Colonel Kelly Pontsler

Lt Colonel Kelly Pontsler, the eldest of four children born into a Salvationist family, began her life in San Francisco, California. Once her parents became Salvation Army officers, she embarked on her journey of living in different places, experiencing new things, and anticipating her future life’s adventures.

After receiving her BS from San Francisco State, Lt Colonel Pontsler attended The Salvation Army School for Officers Training and was commissioned in 1985 as part of the “Guardians of the Truth” session. Following her appointments at Denver Citadel and Boulder, Colorado, she served in the Finance Department in the Northwest Division in Seattle, Washington. It was during this time that her heart was called to work overseas.

From 1990 – 1997, Lt Colonel Pontsler served as the Territorial Finance Secretary for the Zaire and Angola Territory in Africa. As the country was experiencing civil unrest and violence, she was able to accomplish her tasks in spite of extraordinary daily challenges. One of her responsibilities was to bring the department into the computer age, which she achieved very successfully.

At the end of this assignment, Lt Colonel Pontsler returned to California to act as the Assistant Territorial Finance Secretary for the West. During this two-year period she continued her education, earning her MBA from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

For the next three years, Lt Colonel Pontsler supported the finance departments in Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. In her subsequent role as Under Secretary for Europe, she spent three years in London at International Headquarters. Her following assignment was in France, where she spent one year working with the Action Espoir outreach ministry to three corps in Paris. Additionally, she was a member of the international support team for Project Warsaw, which was tasked with the launch of the Army’s work in Poland.

In October of 2006, she returned to California. Lt Colonel Pontsler served at San Francisco Metro Coordinator and General Secretary for the Golden State Division of The Salvation Army.

Lt Colonel Kelly's arrival in Southern Nevada in the Summer of 2014 as Clark County Commander was eagerly anticipated. From opening a client empowering styled Hope Pantry and creating a shopping experience for Christmas Angels, to the addition of dynamic new Advisory Board Members and relationship building with the community at large, her service there was extremely impactful.

The Southwest Division is blessed to have such a dedicated servant leader as our Divisional Commander.