Purpose: Our goal is to reunite relatives who mutually desire contact; possibly fill the void many people feel because they are missing their loved ones; simply learn of the missing person's well being in those cases in which the missing person desires no contact.

What we offer: Family reunification/A second chance: We try to reconnect families who have been out of touch for various reasons. We offer the opportunity to rebuild ties and relationships within the family. We aim to facilitate contact by providing resources and emotional/spiritual support to both the inquirer and missing relative.

Intermediary services: Our intermediary service is not provided by other search agencies. Our unique letter forwarding service is a way for both parties to communicate without releasing the missing person's whereabouts. It is an opportunity for families to begin a relationship and determine if a reunion is possible. This wonderful option also allows the reunification process to begin slowly, instead of being caught unaware by a phone call or visit.

Protection of privacy: Although the internet has increased access to information, many privacy laws have been established to protect personal information. Because our searches use personal information to locate people, our letters to the missing person include the following statement:

"Our first priority is to maintain the privacy of persons, like you, who might not wish to have any information regarding their location disclosed."

Everything related to the search is confidential. We need the missing person's permission in order for us to release any information regarding the missing person.

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The Salvation Army
Missing Persons Service

P.O. Box 22646
Long Beach, CA 90801
Phone: 1-800-698-7728
Fax: (562) 491-8520
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM, Pacific Time